About us

This websites serves as a resource information for persons who have survived an SCI, their families and friends, healthcare professionals, support groups, the media, and the general public. The purpose and benefits in operating this website are to:

  • Increase knowledge of SCI related resources.
  • Help prevent secondary medical complications resulting from lack of knowledge.
  • Foster independence through self-knowledge.
  • Provide immediate access to current SCI resource information when needed by consumers throughout their lifetime.

Additional Information

The task of finding and obtaining appropriate spinal cord injury (SCI) information is more complex and sophisticated than ever. On the bright side, there are numerous agencies, organizations and publishers that produce and distribute an assortment of SCI-related materials. Many institutions and laboratories are currently conducting research and reporting amazing progress. Unfortunately, individualswith SCI and their family members often report frustration with the difficulties they encounter when trying to locate accurate, up-to-date information about SCI within their own communities.

The purpose of this web site is to provide an assortment of helpful SCI-related information, resources, publications, and advise the public of where they can locate even more. The materials collected representative of the most current information pertaining to SCI.

Medical disclaimer

The information on this website is NOT medical advice and should in no way be treated as a substitute for medical advice from a trained professional. If you believe you may be ill or injured, we strongly recommend you see a medical professional as soon as possible. See the medical disclaimer for more information.